An increasing number of organisations are realising that they could benefit from having access to professional expertise that they can rely on to provide regular system management and coordination services - rather like having a high level System Manager that works for the organisation on a part-time basis.

Relatively few organisations in Western Australia neither need nor can afford to have a full time high calibre System Manager.  Generally organisations “tag on” the role of System Manager to the role of an existing staff member, however this invariably results in:-

  • Incurring additional expenses to get the staff member trained.
  • Inadequate time available for the staff member to effectively fulfil both roles.
  • The role of System Manager not being effectively undertaken because the person filling the role either does not have the necessary skills and expertise or is simply not fully committed.
  • Breakdowns in the system when the staff member responsible leaves the organisation.

We at QIAS can take on the role of System Manager for you on a part-time basis. This will provide you with the following benefits:-

  • Access to high calibre management system expertise
  • Continuity of system management
  • Improved profitability through effective system management.
  • Reduced system management costs
  • Long term stability
  • Peace of mind

We are providing this service for an increasing number of organisations, many of whom only require between half to two days assistance of our time per month to maintain their management systems at the highest levels.

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